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Game Development at SRJCProgram Overview

The Game Development program is pleased to introduce the new Virtual Production Fundamentals certificate of achievement, starting in the Fall 2023 term. The new certificate is offered as part of the collaborative Regional Virtual Production Academy, comprised of six Bay Area community colleges. The required curriculum focuses on the game development, digital video, and 3D modeling courses from our own Computer Studies, Applied Technologies, and Communication Studies departments.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  1. Analyze, describe, and apply the fundamental technology requirements of the virtual production workflow.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency with game engines, 3D computer graphics, visual effects, and film production.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to work on a production team and take responsibility for one's role.
  4. Create a project using the virtual production process.



The 21-unit Virtual Production Fundamentals Certificate of Achievement leads to opportunities in the film, video, and game development industries.

» Learn more about the Virtual Production Fundamentals Certificate requirements


RVPA Course Equivalency Grid

Students may complete required and elective courses at any of the six RVPA schools.


Core Courses (6 courses) BCC DVC Laney Mission Ohlone SRJC
Semester 1
3D Animation MM/AN 20A ARTDM 160 - GDS 039A DAID 122 APTECH 43
Intro to Digital Imaging MM/ART 3 ARTDM 105 GRART 036 GDS 064 DAID 103 CS 70.11A
Intro to Film Production MM/VI 9A FTVE 160 or ARTDM 149 MEDIA 104 GDS 074 DAID 111 MEDIA 20
Semester 2
Intro to Game Design & Development MM/AN 40A ARTDM 180 - - DAID 118 CS 42
Intro to Visual Effects (VFX) MM/AN 22B ARTDM 141 MEDIA 139 - - APTECH 162
Intro to Virtual Production - - MEDIA 044A - - CS 77.11
Elective Courses (choose 1 course) BCC DVC Laney Mission Ohlone SRJC
Motion graphics MM/ART 5A ARTDM 140 MEDIA 140 GDS 081 DAID 112 -
Video Editing MM/ART 20A FTVE 165 MEDIA 138 GDS 074 - CS 74.22
2D Animation MM/AN 1A ARTDM 165 MEDIA 140 - - -
Modeling MM/AN 21A ARTDM 161 - GDS 039A DAID 122 APTECH 63
Internship MM/ART 468 ARTDM 295 MEDIA 460A - - -


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Ethan Wilde
Game Development Program Coordinator
(707) 527-4855
Maggini Hall 3rd Floor, Room 2937, CS Dept Office

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