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Combining Community Service With Hands-on Instruction

The Web Development Training Program stresses that classroom instruction should be combined with community service. Toward that end, certificate students are required to enroll in CS 50.32 where students work in teams with clients from the community to produce working Web sites. Production teams include a Project Manager, Designer, Programmer, and Content Developer. The team works with a nonprofit group within Sonoma County to analyze their needs and produce a Web site that meets the nonprofit’s unique Web needs. The client and team spend many hours working to develop site goals, gather content, refine the design, and create a plan to launch and maintain the site.

At the end of each semester, the Web sites are presented to clients who are asked to evaluate team performance and share their experiences during the semester. Local Web professinals are invited and they evaluate the site design, provide feedback on project management and programming issues, and answer general Web development questions. If you are considering a career in Web Development, you are encouraged to attend this presentation. Contact Ethan Wilde at ewilde@santarosa.edu for time, date, and location.

Recent Projects

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