Web Programmer

Introduction to Computer Programming class

Do you ever wonder how websites like Amazon know what books you're looking for or how Netflix seems to know what movies you might like? The wizard behind the curtain is known as the Web programmer. Web programmers are responsible for making interactive portions of a website. This may include creating a shopping cart application, building a database, or creating and processing feedback forms. At SRJC we train you to be a master of the back-end universe.

In addition to the skills developed with the Web Fundamentals core courses, upon completion of this certificate program, students will also be able to:

  • Demonstrate a competency in Web development in the areas of coding, validation, user interface, and programming using PHP.
  • Use basic database theory to design a relational SQL database, SQL tables, and create complex queries.
  • Execute basic UNIX commands, including those necessary for file and directory navigation, manipulation, and permissions.
  • Apply the skills of effective communication, time management, problem solving, and client management, to produce a data driven website.


E-mail the certificate coordinator for further information.

Web Programmer Certification Coursework
Course # Course Name Units Delivery
first semester course of study 9.0-10.0 Classroom Online
CS 50A Web Development 1 3.0 X X
CS 57.11 Introduction to Social Media 3.0 X  
CS 10 or other programming course   3.0-4.0 X X
second semester course of study 9.0    
CS 50B Web Development 2 3.0   X
CS 55.11 Programming Webpages with JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX 3.0 X X
CS 81.21 Introduction to UNIX 3.0 X X
third semester course of study 13.0    
CS 50C Web Development 3 3.0   X
CS 55.13 PHP Programming 3.0 X X
CS 81.62 Relational Database Concepts and Structured Query Language 3.0   X
CS 50.32 Web and Digital Media Projects 4.0 X X
  Total Units 31