Web Development

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The Web is clearly one of the most significant technological advances of the last 20 years, and you’re invited to learn more about it. Students who enroll in Web Development courses may train for a full- or part-time career, update skills for their current job, work to start their own Web-based business, or use their skills for personal enrichment. Whatever your educational goals, SRJC has courses that will meet your needs.

Web Fundamentals Certificate

Most students begin with CS 50A: Web Development 1, where mastery of HTML5 and CSS3 are the desired outcomes. In CS 50B: Web Development 2, students learn about Web frameworks and web content management systems, looking at Bootstrap and WordPress. The three-semester development course sequence concludes with CS 50C: Web Development 3: JavaScript, where an in-depth exploration of the JavaScript language focuses on shared libraries like jQuery and D3.

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Web Programmer Certificate

Programming is deeply embedded in the Web. Programming applications include online banking, mail order tracking, online shopping carts, and search engines.

The Web Programmer certificate is currently only available via catalog rights. Consult a counselor for details on catalog rights.

Web and Multimedia Certificate or A.A.

Multimedia is a key aspect of websites, mobile devices, movies, education, entertainment, marketing, teleconferencing, publishing, and product demonstration. With the growing need to have powerful impact with the presentation of information, multimedia developers flourish in the marketplace.

In addition to the skills developed with the Web Fundamentals core courses, upon completion of this certificate program, students will also be able to:

  • Apply appropriate user experience and interactive design concepts in using JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX content.
  • Create video productions for deployment on the Web.
  • Author DVDs using professional DVD authoring software.
  • Design and create multimedia and animation content using industry-standard software.
  • Design, create, and deploy interactive and gaming experiences for the Web.

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