Web Designer

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The role of the designer is to visually communicate the site's message. Web designers should have a good understanding of design principles including layout, interface design, color theory, and typography.

In the Web Designer Certificate of Achievement program, designers gain understanding of how images should be created for display on the Web, as well as the basic knowledge of Web site construction. The program stresses a thorough understanding of HTML and Photoshop. Students will be expected to design Web sites to meet the standards of clients from the community.

A successful Web designer exhibits a strong work ethic, perfectionist standards, patience, strong people skills, and shows an attention to detail.

Job titles include Web Graphic Artist, Web Graphic Designer, Interface Architect, Web Creative Lead, Web, HTML Designer, and Design Lead.

E-mail the certificate coordinator for further information.

Web Graphic Designer Certification Coursework
Course # Course Name Units Delivery
first semester course of study 9.0 Classroom Online
CS 50A Web Development 1 3.0 X X
CS 57.11 Intro to Social Media 3.0 X  
CS 74.11 Intro to Digital Media 3.0 X X
second semester course of study 12.0    
CS 50B Web Development 2 3.0 X X
CS 70.11A Adobe Photoshop 1 3.0 X X
GD 72 Principles of Screen Design 3.0   X
CS 50.21 Web Design 1 3.0 X X
third semester course of study 7.0    
CS 50C Web Development 3 3.0 X X
CS 50.32 Web/Interactive Media Projects 4.0 X X
  Total Units 28.0