Online Portfolios

student working on an online portfolio

Students who enroll in the Web Development Certification program are encouraged to develop online portfolios to showcase their work. Listed below are several examples of portfolios. Visit several sites to draw inspiration and learn more about the industry.

Zag Design Group :: web design and marketing :: Janet Zagoria

abaker :: web site services and design :: Ann Baker :: web site design :: Craig Palmer :: web based software applications :: Jesse House

Deborah North Web Design :: design and photographic services :: Debra North

Pacific Design :: web design and development :: Victoria Fonthal

Dry Creek Digital Web Design :: web site design :: Sue Santos

Dale and Daria Goetsch ::
Search Innovation Marketing - Search Engine Marketing Services for Small Businesses
SEOExplore - Search Engine Marketing Resource Directory

They also run 2 blogs with affiliate ads and Google AdWords on them
BigScreenBytes - DVD Movie Reviews
North Coast Gardening Blog - Gardening On the North Coast in Humboldt County

Hotfire Designs :: web site development :: Leslie Camarri

Graphics, Web Design, and Multimedia :: Lilith Berkana De' Anu

Every Angle Photography :: Photography & Web design :: Vern Nelson