Online Classes

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Most Computer Studies courses are offered online or face-to-face in the classroom. Online courses are offered in every area of the Computer Studies Department. So, whether you are planning to transfer to a four-year institution, are pursuing a career certificate, or are taking classes for personal interest, SRJC offers Computer Studies online courses that will meet your needs.

While each online course is presented differently, all have common features. Students can sign on any hour of the day or night and attend class whenever it fits their schedule. Online classes often require more time than face-to-face classes where students should expect to spend an average of 9 hours a week on their class studies in a 3-unit, full-semester class, although some classes may require significantly more time.

Each week the instructor typically sends e-mail with introductory information about the week's topic, posts a short lecture or elaborates on the material, and provides study guides for the current topic. Throughout the week, students work on their own on reading and assignments, just like they would in a traditional classroom setting. Students may use a class message board or e-mail list to participate in the class discussions and can also ask or answer other students’ questions. When assignments are due, students post them to the Web or send them to the instructor online. The instructor will then grade them and post points and feedback.

Students taking online courses should also be aware of the special instructional environment. For example, online courses require students to be independent learners who are self motivated. Students are encouraged to review the following two Web pages before taking an online class.

E-mail the department chair for additional information.

Examples of the Most Popular Online Courses
Course # Course Name Units Classroom Online
CS 5 Computer Literacy 3.0 X X
CS 10 Introduction to Computer Programming 4.0 X X
CS 50A Web Development 1 3.0 X X
CS 50B Web Development 2 3.0   X
CS 50C Web Development 3 3.0   X
CS 50.32 Web and Digital Media Projects 4.0 X  
CS 55.13 Server-Side Web Development 3.0   X
CS 60.11A MS Word Core Level 1.5 X X
CS 60.11B MS Word Expert Level 1.5   X
CS 61.11A MS Excel Core Level 1.5 X X
CS 61.11B MS Excel Expert Level 1.5   X
CS 62.11A MS PowerPoint Core Level 1.5   X
CS 62.11B MS PowerPoint Expert Level 1.5   X
CS 63.11 Access 3.0   X
CS 63.11A MS Access 1.5   X
CS 63.11B MS Access Expert Level 1.5   X
CS 65.11 MS Office Suite 3.0 X X
CS 70.11A Adobe Photoshop 1 3.0 X X
CS 70.11B Adobe Photoshop 2 3.0 X X
CS 70.12 Photoshop Advanced Concepts 4.0 X X
CS 71.11 Illustrator 3.0 X X
CS 72.11A InDesign 1 3.0 X X
CS 81.21 Introduction to Unix 3.0 X X
CS 81.62 Relational Databases with SQL 3.0   X
CS 165.31 Integrating MS Office: Word, PowerPoint, Access, & Excel 0.5   X
CS 167.11 Outlook 0.5   X
CS 175.11 Introduction to Adobe Acrobat 1.5   X
GD 63 Online Resources for Graphic Designers 1.5   X
GD 72 Principles of Screen Design 3.0   X