Once per year classes


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A number of CS courses are only offered once per year. Be sure to use the following information carefully when planning your course of study.

Graphic Design courses are not included in this list. For information on Graphic Design courses contact Carmen Sheldon.

Other than the classes listed below, it is our intention to offer every CS course that is a requirement for a certificate program every Fall and Spring semester.

Last updated August 6, 2012

Fall Only Classes


CS 55.13 PHP
CS 63.11B MS Access Part 2
CS 70.13 Image Correction and Restoration with Adobe Photoshop
CS 72.11B InDesign 2 (tentative; call for details)
CS 74.21C Video Post-Production Techniques 3
CS 74.41A Game Design 1 (tentative; call for details)
CS 74.42A Game Development 1 (tentative; call for details)
CS 82.21A Cisco 1
CS 82.21B Cisco 2 
CS 175.11 Adobe Acrobat

Spring Only Classes


CS 70.12 Adobe Photoshop Advanced Concepts
CS 72.11C InDesign 3 (tentative; call for details)
CS 74.21D Video Post-Production Techniques 4
CS 74.41B Game Design 2 (tentative; call for details)
CS 82.21C Cisco 3
CS 82.21D Cisco 4
CS 84.13 Supporting Software Applications