Office Applications

Scott Rosen teaching Microsoft Office programs

The purpose of the Computer Studies Office Applications classes is to explore the features and functions of computer applications commonly used in the office setting, such as word processors, spreadsheets, presentation software (such as PowerPoint), and databases (such as Access). The audience is the general computer user. Specific uses, such as accounting or business correspondence, are taught in other SRJC departments.

Beginning students should take CS 101A: PCs for New Users to learn basic computer operations and concepts. This course includes a brief introduction to Microsoft Word and is listed in the Computer Basics area.

To meet the diverse needs of students, courses are offered online or face-to-face (see chart below). Face-to-face courses are offered at the Santa Rosa and Petaluma campuses. Courses are offered as full semester courses (3.0 units) or in segments of shorter courses (1.5 units each). The courses are offered as a survey course (CS 65.11), or as in depth courses on each specific application. The choice is yours!

Microsoft Office Overview Course: CS 65.11 (3 units)

Microsoft Word: CS 60.11A (1.5 units), CS 60.11B (1.5 units)

Microsoft Excel: CS 61.11 (3 units), CS 61.11A (1.5 units), and CS 61.11B (1.5 units)

Microsoft PowerPoint: CS 62.11A (1.5 units), CS 62.11B (1.5 units)

Microsoft Access: CS 63.11 (3 units), CS 63.11A (1.5 units), CS 63.11B (1.5 units)

Microsoft Outlook: CS 167.11 (0.5 unit)

Integration of Microsoft Applications: CS 165.31 (0.5 unit)

Microsoft Office Courses
Course # Course Name Units Classroom Online
CS 60.11A MS Word, Part 1 1.5 X X
CS 60.11B MS Word, Part 2 1.5   X
CS 61.11 MS Excel 3.0 X  
CS 61.11A MS Excel, Part 1 1.5 X X
CS 61.11B MS Excel, Part 2 1.5   X
CS 62.11A MS Powerpoint, Part 1 1.5   X
CS 62.11B MS Powerpoint, Part 2 1.5   X
CS 63.11 MS Access 3.0 X X
CS 63.11A MS Access, Part 1 1.5   X
CS 63.11B MS Access, Part 2 1.5   X
CS 65.11 Microsoft Office 3.0 X X
CS 165.31 MS Office Integration 0.5   X
CS 167.11 MS Outlook 0.5   X