IT Support Skills Certificate

IT Essentials class

The IT Support Skills Certificate is designed to allow a student to complete a certificate program and enter the workforce as an entry level help desk technician.

The certificate capstone courses: CS 84.11: Supporting Users and Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows and CS 84.13: Supporting Users and Troubleshooting: Desktop Applications, map to the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST) Certification.

The IT Support certification exposes students to skills and knowledge necessary to support end users who run Windows and the Microsoft Office applications. Of primary importance for the help desk technician is the development of "Soft Skills". These interpersonal competencies are fostered to enable the help desk technician to successfully communicate in both written and verbal forms as well as utilize techniques in conflict management.

IT Support technicians will gain valuable experience in the WEOC 99 Occupational Work Experience program. This experience provides the necessary hands on training and skill development for the professional Computer Help Desk technician.

IT Support Requirements - complete 16.0 units
Course Description Units Classroom Online
BGN 111 Soft Skills for Business 3.0 X  
CS 80.15 IT Essentials 1: PC Hardware and Software 4.0 X  
CS 84.13 Supporting Users and Troubleshooting: Desktop Applications 3.0 X  
CS 99I Computer Studies Occupational Work Experience Intern 0.5-8.0 X  
CS 80.11 Exploring Microsoft Windows 3.0 X