Graphics & Multimedia

animated graphic created in Intro to Digital Media class

SRJC’s Computer Studies Department is an Adobe Certified Training Provider. Instruction in Adobe graphics software is presented to students by instructors who have passed rigorous Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) industry exams. SRJC is very proud of the popular Adobe series, which includes courses in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Flash. These courses lead to SRJC certificates and map to ACE industry exams.

Courses in Multimedia and certificates and a major in Interactive Media Design are also offered. For courses in Dreamweaver and the effective use of graphics on the Web, see the Web Development Program.

For courses in Graphic Design, see the Graphic Design Program.

Graphics & Multimedia Courses
Course # Course Name Units Classroom Online
CS 70.11A Adobe Photoshop 1 3.0 X X
CS 70.11B Adobe Photoshop 2 3.0 X X
CS 70.12 Photoshop Advanced Concepts 4.0 X X
CS 70.13 Image Correction & Restoration w/Adobe Photoshop 3.0 X  
CS 71.11 Adobe Illustrator 3.0 X X
CS 72.11A InDesign 1 3.0 X X
CS 72.11B InDesign 2 4.0 X  
CS 72.11C InDesign 3 3.0 X  
CS 74.11 Introduction to Digital Media 3.0 X  
CS 74.21A Digital Video Post-Production Techniques 1 1.5 X  
CS 74.21B Digital Video Post-Production Techniques 2 1.5 X  
CS 74.21C Digital Video Post-Production Techniques 3 3.0 X  
CS 74.21D Digital Video Post-Production Techniques 4 3.0 X  
CS 74.31A Intro to Web-Based Animation with Flash 3.0 X X
CS 74.31B Intermediate Concepts & Action Scripting w/ Flash 3.0 X  
CS 74.41A Game Design 1 3.0 X  
CS 74.41B Game Design 2 3.0 X  
CS 74.42A Game Development 1 3.0 X  
CS 74.41B Game Development 2 3.0 X  
CS 175.11 Introduction to Adobe Acrobat 1.5 X X