Digital Media: Game Programming

3D environment texture image3D environment texture image by Robbie Geiss


Game Programming major

CIS 10: Introduction to Computer Programming 4 units

CIS 11: Data Structures & Algorithms 4 units

CIS 74.11: Introduction to Digital Media 3 units

MATH 1A: Calculus, First Course 5 units

MATH 1B: Calculus, Second Course 5 units

MATH 4: Discrete Mathematics 4 units

Electives: Choose 6 units from the following:

CS 74.41A: Game Design 1 NEW 3 units

CS 74.41B: Game Design 2 NEW 3 units

CS 74.42A: Game Development with C#/XNA 1 3 units

CS 74.42B: Game Development with C#/XNA 2 NEW 3 units