Computer Science & Programming

Sujan Sarkar, Computer Programming instructor

The Computer Studies Department offers courses to students who wish to earn a degree in computer science or a related major, or who are seeking computer programming skills to use in industry.

Students specifically interested in .NET programming should start their studies with either CS 19.21A (Introduction to Programming with C#) or CS 19.11A (Introduction to Programming with Visual BASIC). All other students, especially those interested in a degree in computer science or a related field, should begin with CS 10 (Introduction to Computer Programming). All other classes in the Computer Science & Programming area have one of these introductory classes as a prerequisite. Here is more information about challenging a prerequisite.

Computer Science & Programming Courses
Course # Course Name Units Classroom Online
CS 10 Introduction to Computer Programming 4.0 X X
CS 11 Data Structures and Algorithms 4.0 X  
CS 12 Assembly Language Programming 4.0 X  
CS 17.11 Java Programming 3.0 X  
CS 19.11A Introduction to Programming with Visual BASIC 4.0 X  
CS 19.11B Advanced Visual BASIC Programming 3.0 X  
CS 19.21A Introduction to Programming with C# 4.0 X  
CS 19.21B Advanced C# Programming 3.0 X  
CS 55.11 Using JavaScript to Design Dynamic Web Pages 3.0   X
CS 55.13 PHP Programming 3.0   X